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Excellent massage! So relaxing and my muscle tightness and pain was definitely relieved. I highly recommend Erica!
— Mary U.
I have had many many massages and this was the best I have ever had. Erica was wonderful and worked on specific areas that have been bothering me. Have scheduled another one and plan on continuing! Health and well being are part of what we strive for and by having a massage it definitely adds to that. I am so pleased with how I feel after leaving, refreshed, calm and less stress in certain body areas. I’m wondering why I waited so long to begin with??
— Linda S.
Erica is an excellent massage therapist. I have been going to her for several years and thanks to her I can walk, sit, drive, etc. without the need for strong pain relievers. I lost a leg 45 years ago and since then my spine has curved and bowed. Erica works my muscles to ease the cramps and pain. I heartily recommend her for easing pain or just relaxing for an hour.
— Michael F.

Erica is awesome, put me at ease, and really listened to me about what area’s needed work. I will definitely be back!!!
— Katie M

Erica is a truly talented massage therapist who charges very reasonable rates and offers discounts for ‘frequent flyers’. Don’t miss the extras like the sugar foot scrub which is absolutely wonderful!!
— Sandy C

Absolutely the BEST MASSAGE EVER!!! Erica is extremely talented and knowledgeable of her craft. I am SOOOO happy to have found her!!! Recovering from a serious accident has taken all my energy. I left with a fluid motion rather than spasms. Thank you!!!
— Marget K

Erica is an experienced and skilled massage therapist. She finds problem areas and is able to work them so I’m feeling like a normal person. I would recommend anyone needing massage therapy to Erica.
— Michael F

Erica Strand has been my massage therapist since 2007. She is an extremely professional, friendly and experienced therapist. I’ve recommended her to several of my friends!

Erica is amazing and always listens and does what she needs to do to make you feel better. Erica is Awesome!

Erica consistently does a superb job of finding the problem areas of my back and resolving the issues thoroughly.

Every time I see Erica, she has taken some additional class(es) for massage therapy, so she is able to use new techniques to get right into where I’m most stressed. I could say that she meets my expectations because I expect so much from her.

Erica provided the best massage that I have ever had. The pressure was just right and she found trigger points that she treated. Erica is professional and kind.

She was able to apply the amount of pressure needed in order to relax my back, which is rare, she also focused on common problem areas that are usually passed over.

Erica truly is cognizant of the upper back area providing a deep massage that did not hurt. I appreciated her awareness of my needs prior to the massage.

Erica is wonderful! She always makes sure she handles my target areas.

Erica is a superb massage therapist. She knows and understands the areas that need attention and focuses on them without me having to point them out. I felt much better after my session.

Erica always inquires as to whether or not I’m having any current aches or pains and what kind of session I’d like to have (full body, neck/shoulders/back, etc.).

Erica is the best!

I have a great experience each visit. Each visit, Erica reviews my past issues and makes a point to ask if I have any issues that may need special attention. On my most recent visit, I had sustained an injury to my food and she pinpointed the injury and the relief I felt after my session has been all but short of incredible.

The entire massage was incredible, Erica then started working on the middle of my back. There was instant relief of stress that I didn’t even know I had. Erica used the perfect amount of pressure the entire massage. I am very pleased and have already scheduled my next appointment with her.

Erica reviews previous sessions and knows which areas have required extra attention. She knows which areas of my back are tight by feeling better than I could explain. This manner of assessing needs has been ongoing for several sessions.

She really is just amazing.

Erica asked specific questions before and really paid attention during the massage to the things I asked, very courteous and customer service was great, her attitude is great also.

I’ve had 6 or 7 massage sessions with Erica and every session has met my expectations! She is very friendly and she listens to what I need. I would highly recommend Erica to my family and friends.

Erica did a fantastic job. I continue to have discomfort and pain but it is lessened. She listens to my requests. From the moment she first gave me a massage, I have continued to only schedule them with her.

Erica was AMAZING. The last massage experience I had was so-so; decent, not bad, but nothing worthwhile or that had me jonesing to go back. I IMMEDIATELY book my next appointment with Erica before leaving. She was soooo great. I would recommend Erica for sure.

Erica continues to be able to help the areas of my back that are tight and painful. After a typical session, I am able to walk and move around with less pain. Despite seeing Erica during most of my sessions, she repeatedly exceeds my expectations with her ability to work on the problem areas of my back.

When I arrived for a 60-minute massage, my therapist could see I was in pain. She gave up her free time to add 30 more minutes. She did a great job focusing on my issues. I was very thankful that she sacrificed her free time to help me. She is great!

Erica can absolutely read where I need help the most and adjust accordingly. She is an amazing therapist.

She was very professional and very personable. I think she is my new therapist.

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