Wellness Massage by Erica
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Wellness Massage by Erica Rates

Sustainable & Affordable for both Schedule & Wallet.


Head-to-Toe Stretch

Half Hour $20 - Hour $40 

Wellness massage

Half Hour $30 - Hour $60 - Hour & a Half $90 - Two Hour $120


Enhancement on Half Hour, Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two Hour $4

SIGNATURE Wellness Face and scalp massage 

Stand alone Half Hour $36

Enhancement on an Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two Hour $6

Sugar foot scrub

Stand alone Half Hour $38

Enhancement on an Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two Hour $8

Head to Toe Relaxation

Stand alone Hour $70

Enhancement on an Hour & a Half or Two Hour $10


Make it a Habit

and save $$

 Massage is best for both body and mind when enjoyed regularly.  Here at Wellness Massage we understand it can be challenging to keep up with monthly payments and appointments that keep changing. We offer competitive discounts to make a massage habit convenient and affordable. The more often you come in, the more you save. Pre-book your next session before you leave and receive your discount on your upcoming service AND the service you just received!

Monthly Habit

Save 15%

Twice monthly habit

Save 20%

Weekly Habit

Save 25%

Not sure when you can get your next massage but still want to save?

Package of 3

Save 10% when you buy a package of 3. No timeframe for using your services and no expiration date. Time can be split however is convenient for you. Example, a package of 3 x 6o minute massages could be three one hour massages, two 90 minutes, or a two hour and a one hour.  


One time

Package of 3


Twice Monthly




















120 min






Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images

Gift Cards

One size fits all no need to return for a different color, Massage is a gift that is sure to please! 

Our Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination and never expire. 


All major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay accepted. 


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