Wellness Massage Forest Hills
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Wellness Massage Forest Hills Rates

Sustainable & Affordable for both Schedule & Wallet.


Head-to-Toe Stretch

Half Hour $25 - Hour $50 

Wellness massage

Half Hour $33 - Hour $65 - Hour & a Half $90 - Two Hour $120


Enhancement on Half Hour, Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two Hour $5

SIGNATURE Wellness Face and scalp massage 

Enhancement on an Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two Hour $15*

*Extends session time by 10 minutes

Sugar foot scrub

Enhancement on an Hour, Hour & a Half, or Two-Hour $15*

*Extends session time by 10 minutes

Head to Toe Relaxation

Enhancement on an Half-Hour, Hour, Hour & a Half or Two-Hour $25**

**Extends session time by 20 minutes


Make it a Habit

and save $$

 Massage is best for both body and mind when enjoyed regularly.  We offer competitive discounts to make a massage habit convenient and affordable. The more often you come in, the more you save. 

Monthly Habit

Save 15%

Twice monthly habit

Save 20%

Weekly Habit

Save 25%

Make Wellness Massage your favorite part of your regular wellness routine.

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Not sure when you can get your next massage but still want to save?

Package of 3

Save 10% when you buy a package of 3. No timeframe for using your services and no expiration date. Time can be split however is convenient for you. Example, a package of 3 x 6o minute massages could be three one hour massages, two 90 minutes, or a two hour and a one hour.  


One time

Package of 3


Twice Monthly



30 min







60 MIN







90 min







120 min







60 MIN







30 MIn






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Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images

Gift Cards

One size fits all no need to return for a different color, Massage is a gift that is sure to please! 

Our Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination and never expire. 


All major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay accepted.