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Husband and wife massage team with a combined 27 years experience.


MA# 46258

MA# 46258

After my first hands-on encounter with massage and experiencing its immense benefit to both body and mind, I decided to make massage therapy a regular part of my wellness routine and to bring it to others around me. It is my goal to work toward the integration of massage therapy in the arena of mental and emotional health and advocate its benefits to the general public.

Erica received her massage certificate in 2005 from Tom P. Haney Technical Center in Lynn Haven, Florida. Also in 2005, she received her AA degree in pre-psychology from Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Florida. In 2008 she received her BA from the University of South Florida where she majored in Psychology and minored in Public Health.



MA# 48526

MA# 48526

Massage was the answer to a question I had been asking myself for years. When you work hard but at the end of the day feel you have nothing to show for it, not even appreciation, what are you working for? Fortunately, after some wise advice, I left management and found a path towards a career in massage. That decision led to the greatest blessings in my life: family, friends, and fulfillment. Massage helped me become calm; it taught me that the richest rewards in life come when you are passionate about what you do. Now, after a hard days work, I know that my hard work is bettering the lives of the amazing clients I’ve come to know over the years. It is an honor to be able to make a living for myself and beautiful family through massage.


Our Massage

Erica and Tim have worked as massage therapists in multiple settings; franchise, on-site corporate chair massage, fitness center, spa, and chiropractic clinic. They have worked with a wide variety of clientele with needs ranging from relaxation "pamper me" massage to strategic releasing of long term patterns of tension. They specialize in a blended style massage designed to engage the relaxation response and feel luxurious while incorporating therapeutic techniques and strategies to relieve the patterns of tension and unconscious stress holding that cause the majority of our daily aches and pains. This is the massage you can feel good receiving and will feel good for many days following.  

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Erica and Tim live in North Tampa with their young son, Sebastian. Erica enjoys reading, networking, gardening, and cooking. Tim enjoys movies, vegetable gardening, reading and sports. These days camping and canoeing have taken a lower priority to trips to the Zoo and playing in a garden or park.

Meeting Laurie Berkner at the Glazer Children’s Museum as part of Gasparilla Music Festival.

Meeting Laurie Berkner at the Glazer Children’s Museum as part of Gasparilla Music Festival.


Erica and Tim use Biotone lotions and creams, mix their own sugar scrub blend, and use pure essential oils from Edens Garden. Edens Garden is the number 1 non-MLM (multi-level-marketing) provider of pure essential oils.